Thank God I'm Not U


I know I've givin' my Prince more than his share of hard times.
And I know I called collect instead of using my dime...
And I know I never had all those ingrediants 4 that
perfect kind of love that U knew...
(but that U knew)
Still I thought somehow I could make it work if I
could substitute just a few.

How could something so big come from something so small,
like the ring in a puddle and the holes in my wall...
U brought it back 2 me time after time and I threw it away;
I knew U were always mine.

Now all I can Thank God I'm not U.
And all I can Thank God I've got U.


The Truth is never far behind a liar's foolish stare in the dark.
(it's so dark)
And even though I gave up on U a time or 2,
I know nothing, no nothing.
No nothing ever takes the place of the Love we knew,
And he says "Can't U call the mayor, close down this town".
Until I find my Angel and she's safe and sound with me.
Cause I can't go on without her smile and this lonliness
has got... the best of me.

Repeat Chorus/Lead/Ending Chorus

I wouldn't know what 2 do if it was me in your shoes.



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