Sickness Symphony

I've found a never ending drug that lives inside of me.
"You are a never ending drug" he said,
"That's what you'll be..."
When I'm alone I know it's there; it's always haunting me.
This is a never ending deep inside of me.

This sickness lives in me/This sickness won't set me free.
Sickness has no sympathy/We play a sickness symphony.

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
You tried to beat the look right off my face.
And hold me down once more, blisters on thumb don't cure.
But help 2 keep me numb, I'm sure.
Someone will pay if it's not pure.

This sickness lives in me/This sickness lives off me.
Sickness has no sympathy/I play a sickness symphony.

And now I'm falling, falling deep inside.
Inside myself, and never mind the crime, I worry 4 my health.
The waiting is forever and the end is never there.
It's maddening inside to know that U still really care.

The sickness suffers me. The sickness won't let me be.
Sickness has no sympathy. Please end this sickness symphony.


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