RX: The Prescription Song


Sometimes it's hard to hide your fangs,
when you've been taught just how to be a perfect beast.
And sometimes I can't lose myself,
I always seem to fall back in the same two feet.


But I don't need a prescription,
I just need some attention and a hand to hold.
And I have lost my religion,
but my soul is till intact, or so I'm told
(from tryin' to find the truth in all the lies I'm told).


And I was hoping you would call,
to save me from myself and all this suffering.
But you can't read my mind I know,
and if we keep this up, we'll blow the whole damn thing.

And it's right here under your mattress,
in the box beside the sink, hidden in the backyard-
or someplace they won't think to look next time.


Now October's come undone, the trees will bleed
their leaves for Halloween.
One more year and one more song, the canvas
that I painted on, you've never seen.


And I predict a collision, between the hurt I'm holding,
and your suffering.
And I'm receiving a vision, but you still don't seem
to see a single thing.


And it's right here under your mattress, in the
jar under your sink.
Buried in the closet or someplace you won't think to look.


So keep me in your pocket, and hide me from your friends.
For I have always loved you;
Forgive me for my sins!


And I can't make a decision, between the pain I'm used to
and the love you bring.
But I still have the redemption of knowing
that my pain will always make me sing.



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