I'm still hiding my monsters
away from you.
My heart is your playground
you know, it's true.

Left to choke on my forgiveness
I don't know what went wrong yet.
Am I suffering in sickness,
or is there somewhere I belong?

If you remember to forget about tomorrow,
will your monsters go away?
And if you lead me out of here, you know I'll follow
away from yesterday. I've stood in my own way for far
too long.
Bound my singin' hands and choked away my song.

Trapped inside your own mind,
you were safe and sound.
Bleeding quietly alone,
never to be found.

But if you forget to remember,
will your monsters go away?
And if you're still around September,
does it mean that you will stay?
If I forgot to remember,
will my monsters go away?
And if I'm still around September,
Oh, say that you will stay.



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